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Problems during installation

Business Contacts application is built using Microsoft .NET technologies and tools. To install and use Business Contacts, Microsoft .NET Framework has to be installed on your computer. To find latest version of .NET framework please visit download page. Also, .NET Framework copy to download you will find at our site .NET Framework.

.NET Framework is free software provided directly from Microsoft. If you are using Windows Vista, you should have no problems with .NET Framework as it is will be installed during Windows setup

Import and Export

Easiest way to import or export is just to drag persons from Contacts window to/from temporary folder. Business Contacts supports vcf file format. This format is also supported by common address books, like Microsoft Windows Address Book, Novel Group Wise and others.

In data grids you may just mark cells and copy them to any other applications.

Also you may use text (tab, comma or semi column separated) files import and export utilities. We would like to advice to use next procedure of import. We successfully used it to import contacts from Microsoft Outlook.

1. Create at least one person in Business Contacts
2. Export file from Business Contacts to get template file
3. Open this template file with appropriate application, e.g. Microsoft Excel
4. Export contacts from application having contacts
5. Copy exported data to template
6. Export your data to comma separated file (csv)
7. Import data into Business Contacts

If you have questions, found bug or want to suggest something for us, please send email to